Project Sponsorship

Learn how to maintain a healthy balance between project involvement and operational activities to successfully manage both areas.

Project Sponsorship

Learn how to maintain a healthy balance between project involvement and operational activities to successfully manage both areas.



Sponsors play a key role in cross-functional projects and their involvement makes the difference between projects that are complicated by their nature and projects that we complicate ourselves. But C-level people are also involved, at the same time, in a multitude of projects that belong to them or for which they allocate resources. Subsequently, the time they can offer each project is very limited.

This program aims to help them achieve a balance between the amount of time and attention needed in order to successfully manage both operational activities and projects.

The program itself was designed bearing in mind the concept of ​​balance: concepts presentation and a workshop session, completed by 1:1 discussions in order to respect the confidentiality of potentially sensitive information.



Studies show that 75% of medium and high complexity projects fail due to scarce top management involvement and that the sponsors’ degree of involvement is the determining factor in achieving the desired results.

The explanation is simple: the sponsors involved in the development of the project can use their position and authority and intervene when needed to unblock situations that exceed the project team’s decision-making level.



The reason why most leaders fail to provide the necessary support in the projects they sponsor is lack of time. They play a role in multiple parallel initiatives any hour of the day. They can’t follow everything in detail, but it’s extremely important for them to know the status of the projects in their portfolio.



This program offers you solutions to change things for the better if:

  • last year, the completion rate of your sponsored projects wasn’t as you expected
  • this year you also have a generous portfolio of projects, and you already feel that things are not going so well
  • you need a new, more flexible approach for handling projects which imply a high degree of change and transformation
  • you feel that your project managers and their teams would benefit from more support, but you’re not sure you can manage it


Even if you have a dedicated team and a project coordinator, if you are a sponsor, the project is first and foremost yours. You are the one who has to give the strategic direction, make the important decisions and initiate the key changes.

That’s why you need to gain visibility and speed for small and medium projects, to be able to dedicate more of your energy and time to the larger projects.


The program addresses extremely busy Executive Level Professionals, with a generous portfolio of projects and responsibility in delivering results, who want to:

Better understand how to exercise their Sponsor role

Find a good mix between providing the necessary support for small and medium projects and reducing the allotted time

Focus more of their energy on strategic projects that can make a difference and directly influence the achievement of the department and company’s objectives

How we will work together

1:1 remote or face to face session

Course support and documentation

The session implies getting a complete picture of the activities and challenges of project implementation and segmenting your portfolio, based on the level of involvement and attention needed for their efficient management.

We will design an action plan for each of the project categories, analyze the current challenges and identify the best short-term solutions.

Session Objectives

Our goal is to find a long-term, sustainable balance between operational activities and project support, in order to work around your time constraints.

During the Session


We will identify the impediments and blockages that affect projects at an organizational level


We will determine the path you need to take to solve them and the tools you can use for the team to be able to better manage the project, and for the project to have greater visibility and impact in the organization.

To sum it up, we are talking about a reality check in order to coordinate the internal needs and capabilities of the team with the type of support you need to provide in order to obtain the desired results.


You gain time and achieve clarity by segmenting projects and determining where you will allocate more energy and time and what type of actions are needed on your part.

You understand what to ask from your PM and project team, depending on the segment / category the project falls in and, especially, how to intervene exactly where your involvement is most needed.

You will receive a tailored practical guide for each project category and project phase, in order to be able to instantly decide whether or not to get involved in a certain situation, based on a complete understanding of your decision’s consequences.

About the program

Duration: 4 – 6 hours


  • Why do projects fail or are delayed, to what extent these situations are consequences of our internal problems and how we can address them

  • Minimum prerequisites necessary for a successful project

  • What you need to know and how you can make a difference as a project’s sponsor based on project segmentation


  • Ciprian Cucu has over 15 years of training experience and 9 years of actual work on global transformation projects.

  • He was the first certified CAPM in Romania and member of PMI Romania since 2006.

  • In 2011 he became PMP and launched the project

  • In 2013 he obtained both SCRUM Master and SCRUM Product Owner certifications.

5 to 100+ members in project teams

EUR 5k to 20 mil. project budgets/results

Years of board level reporting on medium and large projects

Years dedicated to Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid projects management

Discover how I can help you

If you have a generous projects’ portfolio and you want to make sure you deliver the expected results, schedule a meeting via Zoom to find out how we can address the issues you’re facing!

Firefighting (management style), regardless of how good it is, is not project management.

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