Project Management and Agile Consulting Services

We accelerate your projects’ success! I offer you the shortest path from projects that don’t deliver and waste your time and money, to achieving the results you want.

Consulting Programs


We work alongside the sponsor and guide the teams to quickly achieve the expected results

Project Management Consultancy


Price: From 3000 € / team / month

Language: English / Romanian

Format: Face-to-Face / Zoom


Duration: 3-6 months

Choose the complete transformation program from your current way of working to a professional approach to projects that helps you consistently achieve the expected results, within the assigned time frame and budget.

  • We identify the problems projects face at an organizational, team and individual level and find the best solutions to solve them
  • We offer the project team a thorough learning experience, focused on accelerating short-term results and maintaining long-term momentum
  • We plan the project together with the key team members and ensure a healthy start through weekly work sessions
  • In addition, we help the team develop the habits needed for an efficient way of working, in order to deliver consistent long-term results


Price: From 3000 € / team

Language: English / Romanian

Format: Face-to-Face / Zoom


Duration: 3-6 sprints

Adopt Agile to continuously improve project delivery and new product development or quickly fix the problems you experience with your Agile way of working.

  • We identify and address the problems you are currently facing
  • We provide your team with all the necessary knowledge for a correct Agile approach to initiatives and offer support to put it into practice
  • We accelerate the process of delivering results by eliminating frequent mistakes, dead times and frustrations associated with change
  • More than that, we help the team adopt the new, healthy habits needed for the successful management of new initiatives
Agile Consultancy

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