And here comes the question: “What should I do, specifically, to become more agile starting tomorrow?”

My instinct was to answer with… another question: But why should you be, all of a sudden, more agile?”

Usually, when you do things in a certain way and you are comfortable with the results, you just keep going. Ok, let me rephrase that:

A poorly implemented agile is probably much worse than a traditional way of working, decently implemented

And if you aren’t satisfied with your current way of working, let’s determine first if agile is the answer for you. And if it really is, then you should be aware that patience and realistic expectations are your best allies. Why? Because changing your way of working needs time and comes with a decrease in productivity on the short run.

Back to the question

If I were to do something starting tomorrow, I would focus on what I can do, by myself, and I would work primarily on my values, principles and mindset.

And you need to analyze and understand this trio extremely well, to be able to convince others that a certain mindset is preferable / more helpful in a given situation.

Change starts with you!

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