As far as I can remember, I’ve been almost obsessed with delivering results in projects. Extreme ownership, baby!

Probably that’s the main reason why I became focused on what I can do to help other professionals deliver the same results aka how to make life easier.

That being said, very often, especially when it comes to big projects, appearance matters too. A lot. The way we present our ideas, the way we handle a sensitive situation, how good our PowerPoint presentation is. 

Although I can agree to a certain point with the a picture is worth a thousand words thingy, give me a break! I’m not a photographer now, am I?

I hate spending a lot of time on beautiful presentations instead of concentrating on ideas and content. Plus, there are a lot of people who are better suited for doing that.

But… there is at least one solution to every problem. Always!

For example, the app that gives me Wow moments every time I use it is… Office Timeline, especially the three features below:

The import from MS Project or MS Excel, that you can edit with a couple of mouse clicks, especially when I’m handling Kick-offs or presentations for clients or management teams.

The possibility to easily modify data, one week to another and to spotlight the areas I want to draw attention to.

Very good templates designed to neaten large quantities of information and complicated timelines in a highly readable presentation slide.

Did I already tell you it’s also superfast?

I usually recommend the add-on for PowerPoint to the teams I work with, as most people use PowerPoint for presentations, but if you’re a Mac user like myself, you can definitely trust the online version too.

Check it, try it, enjoy it & let me know how it went!

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